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Critical Conversations on the Future of Nonprofit Governance (April 4-5, 2013)

Pre-Governance Conference Session: Beyond Fiduciary Oversight: Boards, Governance, and True Financial Leadership (April 3, 2013)

"Beyond Fiduciary Oversight: Financial Leadership Without Micromanagement."
Woods Bowman, Professor Emeritus of DePaul University's Department of Public Affairs and a Senior Fellow with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC.

Journals Publishing Research on Nonprofit Boards & Governance (PDF)

"Beyond Fiduciary Oversight: Boards, Governance and True Financial Leadership."
Lisa Gioia, CPA, is the principal of her own accounting and consulting firm and a Senior Fellow with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC, where she teaches financial leadership and management workshops.

"The Board and Strategic Financial Leadership."
David Renz, Director of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC and an experienced nonprofit board and management consultant and researcher.

Plenary Addresses

"Getting A Sense of It All: Key Themes and Insights from the Past Decade of Study on Nonprofit Governance and Boards of Directors."
David Renz, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC
Fredrik Andersson, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC
[Presentation] (PDF)

"Governing Cross-Sector Collaborations: Lessons from Research and Practice."
Melissa Stone, Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota
[Presentation] (PDF)

Introductory Dialogue Session
Facilitated by Scott Helm and Brent Never
[Summary information will be posted soon]

Dialogue Session
Setting the Agenda: Planning for the Future of Research on Nonprofit Boards and Governance

[Summary information will be posted soon]

Paper Presentations

Public-Nonprofit and Cross Boundary Governance
Carrie Duncan & Megan Schoor -

Talking Across Boundaries: Implications for Governance in Distributed Organizations
[Abstract] (PDF)

Angela Eikenberry & Gerard Wellman -
Governing Nonprofits in Network Governance: The Case of Transportation Policy in Omaha, Nebraska
[Abstract] (PDF)

Board Performance and Effectiveness
Beth Gazley -

Governance and board performance in membership associations
[Abstract] (PDF) | [Handout] (PDF)

Yvonne Harrison & Vic Murray -
The Efficacy of Board Performance Self-Assessment Using the Board Effectiveness Survey Application (BESA)
[Abstract] (PDF)

Douglas Ihrke, Grant MacDonald, Barb Duffy & Nathan Grasse -
Examining Nonprofit Executive Director - Board Relations in Two Countries as they Relate to Perceptions of Board Effectiveness: Executive Director Perspectives
[Abstract] (PDF)

Governance, Revenue Models, and Organizing Logics
Fredrik O. Andersson & Jurgen Willems -

Autonomy and entrepreneurship in nonprofit organizations: Research propositions and governance implications
[Abstract] (PDF)

Hana Bor & Sharon Jones-Eversley -
Strengthening Faith-Based Nonprofit-Business Management Skills without Sacrificing Spiritual and Ethical Integrity
[Abstract] (PDF)

Mike Burns -
Nonprofit Social Enterprise and/or Revenue Generating Ventures: Does Governance Matter?
[Paper Overview] (PDF) | [Abstract] (PDF)

Power, Inclusion and Systems of Governance
Carrie Duncan -

Painting the Governance Landscape: Culture and Power at the Public-Nonprofit Intersection
[Abstract] (PDF)

Judy Freiwirth -
Community Engagement Governance - A New System-Wide Governance Model for Community Impact. A Participatory Action Research Study
[Abstract] (PDF)

Kelly Krawczyk & Michelle Wooddell -
Community Ties in Perspective: The Link Between Grantors and Grantees
[Abstract] (PDF)

Board Development
Christine Cugliari & Terrell Hayes -

Board Member Retention: An Examination of Premature Exits in a Constituency Organized Nonprofit Board
[Abstract] (PDF)

Ola Segnestam Larsson & Johan Hvenmark -
The Board Development Conundrum in Local, Democratically Governed, and Membership-based Nonprofit Organizations
[Abstract] (PDF)

The Nonprofit Quarterly - Special Issues on Governance (Winter 2012)

The Nonprofit Quarterly - Archived Trendcast: New Concepts in Governance and How To Use Them (Listen to Ruth McCambridge and David Renz share thinking from the 2013 biannual conference on nonprofit governance)

Boards in Uncertain Times: Exploring the Implications of Financial, Technological and Generational Change for Nonprofit Governance (April 23-24, 2009)

William Brown, Texas A&M University, Power on Nonprofit Boards: Considering the Influence of the Board Chair (PDF)

Yvonne D. Harrison, Seattle University, Chris Cornforth, The Open University, and Vic Murray, University of Victoria, A Comparison of the Role and Impact of Board Chairs in United Kingdom and North American Nonprofit Organizations (PDF)

Salvatore Alaimo, Grand Valley State University, The Board's Role in Program Evaluation Capacity for Nonprofit Human Service Organizations (PDF)

Fredrik O. Andersson, University of Missouri - Kansas City, The Nonprofit Board as an Entrepreneurial Agent: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF)

Judy Freiwirth, Nonprofit Solutions Associates, Community-Engagement Governance™: A New System-Wide Governance Framework for Community Impact (PDF)

Patricia Bradshaw, York University, Brian Hart, Whitby Mental Health Center, and Glenna Raymond, Whitby Mental Health Centre, Creating Community Governance: A View from the Inside (PDF)

Deborah Balser, University of Missouri - St. Louis, and JoAnn Carmin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Organizational Identity Threats During Leadership Succession (PDF)

Julia E. Classen, University of Minnesota, and Melissa Stone, University of Minnesota, Multi-Generational Governance: Is There Such a Thing? (PDF)

Robert B. Jones, Children's Aid and Family Services, Betsy Vander Velde, The Family Conservancy, Thomas Lengyel, American Humane Association, and Simon Bisson, Starr Commonwealth: A Pathway to Good Governance: Philanthropic Culture and Capacity Building in Local, Community-Based, Family and Child Serving Agencies (PDF)

Nancy T. Kinney, University of Missouri - St. Louis, The Formative Role of Founding Narratives in Community Service Organizations (PDF)

John Pepin, JPA Insight Consulting, Boned Olivier; Hanneke de Bode, John Baker, and Filippo Addarii, Euclid Network: Third Sector Governance and The Obligation of Leadership: Approaches, Issues and Questions for Consideration (PDF)

Networks, Stakeholders and Nonprofit Organization Governance: Whither (Wither?) Boards (April 26-27, 2007)

Stephen R. Block, University of Colorado at Denver - Nonprofit Board Governance: The Relationship Model (PDF)

Patricia Bradshaw, York University - The Dynamics of Nested Governance in Nonprofit Organizations (PDF)

Judy Freiwirth, Nonprofit Solutions Associates, and Maria Elena Letona, Ph.D. - System-Wide Governance: A New Model for Community Empowerment (PDF)

Thomas Jeavons, ARNOVA, and Pamela Leland, University of Delaware - Learning from Failure: Insights from the Life of a Truly Dysfunctional Board (PDF)

Andrew Sparks, University Of Pennsylvania - The Role of Charter School Boards in a Complex Accountability Environment (PDF)

Tao Zhang, and Wei Jie, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade - Current Development and Challenges of Chinese NGOs (PDF)

Tek Nath Dhakal, National Museum of Ethnology - Critical Assessment of Civil Society Governance in Japan and Nepal: A Comparative Study (PDF)

Nancy Kinney, University of Missouri-St. Louis - Boards that count: How board composition relates to resource generation and community representativeness in nonprofit formation. (PDF)

Kelly LeRoux, and Sheri Perry, University of Kansas - The Role of Racial Diversity in Nonprofit Governance: Does a "Representation Mismatch" Influence Stakeholder Orientation? (PDF)

Yvonne Harrison, Seattle University, and Vic Murray, University of Victoria - The Role and Impact of Chairs of Nonprofit Organization Boards of Directors: An Exploratory Study (PDF)

Brian Newton, Case Western Reserve University - Board/CEO Engagement: Bridging the Governance Gap a Qualitative Study of Co-operative Boards and CEOs (PDF)

Stephen Percy, University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Patricia Wyzbinski, Management Cornerstones - Understanding the Governance of Nonprofit Boards of Directors in Metropolitan Milwaukee (PDF)

Judith Millesen, Ohio University - Community Foundations as Philanthropic Catalysts for Change: What's the Board's Role and the Governance Expectations? (PDF)

J. Bart Morrison, Assumption College, and Paul Salipante, Case Western Reserve - Balancing a Neoinstitutional Dilemma: Governing Nonprofit Organizations for Legitimacy and Effectiveness (PDF)

Max Stephenson, and Mary Beth Dunkenberger, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Exploring the Rhetorical Foundations of Board Governance: Market-Based Strategies Versus Common Good Claims in Five Nonprofit Organizations (PDF)

Boards and Beyond: Understanding the Changing Realities of Nonprofit Organization Governance (March 31- April 1, 2005)

Stephen R. Block, University of Colorado at Denver - On Nonprofit Board Governance: Do the Heroes Believe in Our Expectations? (PDF)

William A. Brown, Arizona State University - Board Development Practices and High Quality Board Members: Implications for Performance (PDF)

Chris Cornforth, Open University - Developing a 'Government' Strategy for Improving Governance in the Voluntary and Community Sector in the UK (PDF)

Michael G. Daigneault, DeLeon & Stang - The Nonprofit Board Secretary: A New Role (PDF)

Mel Gill, Synergy Associates - Prospecting For Practical Methodologies To Examine the Links Between The Performance Of Governing Boards And The Effectiveness Of Their Organizations (PDF)

Owen Heiserman, Mid-Iowa Community Action - Boards Behaving Badly: Observations from the Field (PDF)

Diane J. Johnson, Mmapeu Consulting - The Cultural Conundrum: One Family Foundation's Struggle To "Walk the Talk" In Creating Progressive Social Change & Developing an Inclusive Board & Staff

Pamela Leland, University of Delaware - Faith into Practice: An Exploration into the Board Development Practices of Faith-Based Organizations (PDF)

John E. McClusky, University of Missouri-St. Louis - Conceptualizing Three Functions Of NPO Boards: Rethinking Prescriptions About Board And Staff Roles And Relations

Judith L. Millesen, Ohio University - Maintaining Balance in Complex Environments: Negotiating the Multiple Expectations of Community Foundation Governance

Jill Mordaunt, Open University - The Dilemmas and Paradoxes of User-Led Governance: the Case of the Oak Children's Centre (PDF)

Vic Murray, University of Victoria - Prescriptive And Research Based Approaches To Nonprofit Boards: Linking Parallel Universes (PDF)

Max Stephenson Jr., Elisabeth Chaves, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - The Nature Conservancy, the Press and the Social Construction of Accountability (PDF)

Susan S. Stepleton, St. Louis University - Ultimate Accountability: Nonprofit Boards And Executive Transition (PDF)

Ann Williams, Jean B. Tyler, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Balancing the Risks and Benefits of Continuity and Change: A Case Study of Policy Governance (PDF)

Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness and Performance: Challenges and Advances in Theory and Practice (April 19-20, 2002) (PDF)

A Summary of the Proceedings of the Third Annual Regional Leadership Conference (June 16-17, 2000) (PDF)

A Summary of the Proceedings of the Second Annual Regional Leadership Conference (June 18-19, 1999) (PDF)

A Summary of the Proceedings of the First Annual Regional Leadership Conference (1998) (PDF)


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