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Frequently Asked Questions about the Bloch MBA

If we are unable to answer your question here, please contact MBA Program Director Dustin Cornwell.

When does the program start?

Students are admitted into the new program at the beginning of each semester. The first course in the program is a week-long immersion course scheduled during the evening and all-day Saturday during the week prior to the start of the semester.

How long is it?

The MBA is 42 credit hours in length. There is a 24-hour core, 15 credits of electives, and a three-hour capstone course. On average, people who are employed full time complete the program in under three years.

Are there majors?

We offer eight different 12-credit-hour emphasis areas. Students who wish to pursue an emphasis in a particular functional area may do so by taking 12 specified credits in a functional area. Currently, emphasis areas are available in Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, International Business, Leading and Managing People, Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Supply Chain and Operations Management.

Does the program have prerequisite courses?

The only prerequisite for the MBA is a bachelor’s degree in any area. Everyone takes the same set of core courses regardless of the number of management/business courses taken in the past, and there are no additional prerequisites.

Do I have to take courses in order?

Yes. By requiring that students take courses in a specified order, we create opportunities for students to form cohort groups and helpful networks with each other. The course sequence also gives faculty the ability to assume prerequisite knowledge and in some cases to integrate content across simultaneous courses. For a document outlining the suggested course order, click here.

What courses are in the core?

All of the core courses except the capstone are 1.5 credit hours. The capstone is three credit hours. Their titles are:

  • Management in Context (Immersion)
  • Financial Performance and Assessment
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Managerial Economics
  • International Business Environment
  • Global Macroeconomics
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Legal and Ethical Management (Immersion)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing Management
  • Decision Sciences
  • Human Capital Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Capstone

How many courses do I take in a semester?

We recommend that someone who is employed full time take six credit hours in a regular semester, three credit hours in the summer, plus two immersion courses – one each during the week before classes start in year one and year two. The recommended course sequence shows only three hours in the summer. Students who wish to take courses on a full-time basis may do so.

Can I waive courses?

Courses may not be waived.

Can I transfer credits in from another school?

You can transfer up to six hours of electives from another school by meeting the following criteria: the school is accredited, credits are for graduate-level courses, courses were successfully completed with a grade of C or higher, credits will be no more than seven years in the past when you graduate and faculty approve the transfer.

What about international students?

The U.S. government requires that people on a student visa be enrolled on a full-time basis. UMKC defines full time as nine credit hours or higher. We have alternate course sequences allowing international students to complete the program taking nine credit hours per semester.

When can I be admitted?

Students will be admitted into the new program in the beginning of every semester.

What if I need to change the number of hours I take each semester?

You are allowed to do so. We ask that you continue to take the courses in the sequence order. We have worked out six, 7.5, nine, and 12-hour loads for the core and shown how the courses would be scheduled. That document has been posted to the MBA Blackboard site, or it is available on request from Professor Pick.

The immersions put my semester load at 7.5 hours, but my employer will only reimburse me for six hours.

Since this is one of several perfectly valid reasons to limit one’s course load to six hours, we have created a modified course sequence that keeps most of your courses with your initial cohort, but limits you to six hours/semester. A document that shows this along with other enrollment options has been posted to the MBA Blackboard site, or it is available on request from Professor Pick.

How quickly can I finish this program?

You can do it in three regular semesters plus a summer session if you take enough courses at once. However, most students will do it in a little under three years.

How long can I take to finish?

No more than seven years are allowed to elapse between when you take your first courses and when you graduate.

When are the classes?

There are two immersion classes (at beginning of first and second year) that will take place for five consecutive evenings plus all day Saturday. Your classes might generally be on any of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. A small number of elective classes may have schedules that vary from this.

Can I take classes in the daytime instead of evening?

That may be possible occasionally, but most courses will only be available in the evening.

What if I have to drop a course?

We hope you can avoid this because you will lose touch with the cohort you were admitted with and delay your graduation. If it is unavoidable, we recommend that you take the rest of your courses with the cohort that was admitted the semester after you started the program.

What if I need to take a lighter load?

Although we don’t encourage this, it is allowed. Take your courses in the same order as if you were taking six hours per semester.

Do I have to choose an emphasis area?

Students in the 33-hour program must choose an emphasis area consisting of 12 credit hours in a single area.

Students in the 42-hour program may choose electives from among courses offered by several different emphasis areas if you feel that is what gives you the most value.

That is, an emphasis is optional for the 42-hour program, but it is mandatory for the 33-hour program.

Do my electives have to be taken from among the emphasis area courses?

No. If you are in the joint MBA/J.D. program, certain law courses will be eligible to serve as electives. You may also count 12 hours of graduate-level accounting courses or 12 hours of graduate-level public administration courses towards your degree.

Are core courses prerequisites for the elective courses?

It depends upon the elective. Check the course catalog description to be sure you have the prerequisites you need.

When do I take a capstone?

Capstone courses will be taken during your final year in the program. To enroll in a capstone course, you must have completed or be enrolled in MGT 5509: Strategic Management. We offer at least three capstone options each year, and plan to announce them a year in advance. Although they were intended as a final experience in the program, you may take a capstone earlier than your final semester if that is when the best one for you is being offered.

Can I take more than one capstone?

Yes. You can take an additional capstone and count it as an elective towards the degree.

Can I skip classes in the first eight weeks of the term and only take classes in the second eight weeks?

Generally, that won't work. Often the classes in the second eight weeks assume knowledge from the first eight week courses. Also, the classes never shift from one half of the semester to the other, so you'd have a future semester with no classes during the first half.

For questions not addressed in the FAQ's, send an email to your academic advisor or to MBA Program Director Dustin Cornwell.


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