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MBA Speaker Series

One component of the new Bloch MBA program is a series of short non-credit courses comprising our "MBA Speaker Series." Attending three of these courses (or other Bloch non-credit events) is a graduation requirement for students in the new MBA and completely optional for students in the earlier MBA program. Bloch alumni who want to reconnect to the school are also invited. For the summer, we will be offering the courses described below. Please RSVP if you intend to attend so that we know how many handouts to provide.

Fall, 2014 Speaker Series Courses

How to Manage Your Boss
Saturday, October 11, 2014, 9:00 am - 11:00 am (note that date is changed)
Bloch Heritage Hall (the older building) Room 4

Working effectively with supervisors requires deliberation and skill. This session presents tips and techniques to help you figure out how to effectively work with your supervisor by "managing up." Using a framework of ethical politics, we will discuss how to understand your supervisor, discover mutual needs, create "win-win" situations, teach you how to do a "boss analysis," and explore effective communications strategies. Registration is limited to 25.

Suggested readings to prepare for the session are listed below.

  • Bossidy, L. (2007). "What Your Leader Expects of You," Harvard Business Review.
  • Gabarro, J. & Kotter, J. (2005). "Managing Your Boss," Harvard Business Review.

Taught by Nancy Day and Doranne Hudson. Dr. Day is Associate Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. Ms. Hudson is Executive-in-Residence and Associate Teaching Professor. If you plan to attend this event, please RSVP as described below. You will receive credit by signing-in on an attendance sheet during the event.

Working with Executive Recruiters
Saturday, Nov 8th from 9:30 - 11:30am
Bloch Heritage Hall (the older building) Room 101

Recruiters - Some are corporate recruiters; some are outsourced; some are executive recruiters. And, they tend to have different incentives to hire you. You will be most comfortable working with outsourced and executive recruiters if you know what motivates their candidate searches, and what contractual issues they... and you... might face in the process. We will take a look at the various recruiting models, and how you as a job candidate can create a productive relationship with executive and outsourced recruiters. Taught by Dr. Pam Roffol Dobies. Dr. Dobies is Assistant Teaching Professor of Management. If you plan to attend this, please RSVP as described below. You will receive credit by signing-in on an attendance sheet during the event.

If you attend either of these two events, we will take attendance and it will not be necessary for you to report your attendance on Blackboard. The Bloch School has put on a number of noncredit, networking events outside of the MBA Speakers Series. If you attend one of these events, we will probably count your attendance towards fulfilling the requirement. To inquire, post the details on the Master of Business Administration site on Blackboard following the procedure outlined below in order to claim credit for your attendance.

We will also give credit towards this requirement for employer-supplied training and leadership roles in philanthropic activities.

How to get credit for these events?
For the events on this flyer, there will be a sign-in sheet. Everyone who signs in will be credited automatically. Otherwise, sign into Blackboard ( » Master of Business Administration (should be under "Organizations" on lower right) » Information » MBA Speaker Series 1 (or 2 or 3). Then either upload a flyer describing the event or upload certificate of completion or enter a very brief description of your event manually; then click on the "Submit" button. The MBA Director logs into Blackboard twice a semester to review submissions.


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