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Degree Requirements

The MBA program at UMKC is 42 hours in length. It is designed for busy professionals with an evening-class format aimed at currently employed college graduates who seek to advance into, or rise within, management ranks. About half of the program can be completed using classes that meet in the afternoon.

The Bloch MBA develops skilled managers for positions of responsibility in a global and rapidly changing society. It provides students with the competitive edge that high-performing organizations demand. The program teaches core business skills as well as social responsibility, leadership and innovation.

Significant features of our MBA program include a cohort experience: an initial immersion experience within a 24-credit-hour sequence of core courses. This is followed by an optional emphasis area, electives and a capstone experience. Throughout their time with us, we offer our students short classes from our "MBA Speaker Series," a series of short non-credit courses designed to enrich your graduate education experience. During your time in the program, you will be asked to attend at least three Speaker Series events.

For a document outlining the suggested course order, click here.

Electives/Emphasis Area (15 Hours)

The MBA program allows students the flexibility of using 15 credit hours to meet their unique needs. Electives may be used to obtain a business emphasis or specialization. An emphasis requires 12 credit hours. To focus your education and develop your expertise in specific areas for your career, the Bloch School offers the following eight emphasis areas (all are 12 credit hours):

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Global Business
  • Leading and Managing People
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Supply Chain & Operations Management

Please note that only 12 credit hours from any one emphasis area can be counted toward the degree program. Students are not required to complete an emphasis area. Each emphasis area is comprised of 12 hours.

Students can, with the consent of appropriate faculty, select any other Bloch courses that might fit within the emphasis areas listed below (courses outside the Bloch School require special approval). Students are strongly encouraged to work closely with an advisor in planning their programs so that the courses they choose will be of interest and benefit to them while fulfilling the requirements of the degree. Not all classes are offered each semester.

For specific coursework requirements for each emphasis area, please visit the MBA Emphasis Areas page.

Capstone Experience (3 Hours)

The capstone course is to be completed in your final year of the program. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in MGT 5509: Strategic Management, is required to enroll in a capstone course. The faculty plan to offer at least three capstone options each year. Although they are intended as a final experience in the program, you may take a capstone earlier than your final semester if that is when the course best for your needs is offered.

Upcoming capstone course offerings include:

ENT 5572 MBA Capstone Experience-Business Plan for a Startup Company
Class participants will develop a business plan for a startup company. The plan must demonstrate understanding of the product or service, and appropriate analyses including opportunity assessment for the new product/service, specifying the skills of the management team and the organization that the company will need to develop, the business model, the market, the industry including competitors, alternatives and choices for operations, the information systems and reports the management team will need, the milestones that investors should realistically expect the new entity to meet, and the financial requirements of the company in its early phases.
Course offered every fall.

MGT 5570: Global Management Consultancy
An integrative global management consulting experience for a real world organization that applies analytical skills in the areas of finance, marketing, information systems, supply chain management, human resources, leadership, innovation, international and strategy. Course deliverables include written and oral reports for the client organization. The course requires travel to visit client organization’s operations.
There are two versions of the course: International Management, designed to allow students to develop an expertise with non-U.S. management, and U.S. Management, designed to allow international students to develop an expertise with U.S. management. MGT 5570 is offered in connection with a consulting experience involving international travel. Contact Dr. Will Self or Dr. Sidne Ward for more information before assuming you are eligible for this course or that it is appropriate for you.
Prerequisite: MGT 5501 or MGT 5545. Consent of instructor through competitive application process. Prerequisite/co-requisite: MGT 5552 (International Management version) or MGT 5XXX (U.S. Management version). Additional prerequisite for MBA students: MGT 5509.
Course offered every spring.

MGT 5572: The Capstone Consulting Project
An integrative management consulting experience for a real world organization that requires application of conceptual models and analytical skills in multiple disciplines including areas such as finance, marketing, information systems, supply chain management, human resources, leadership, innovation, international and strategy. Course deliverables include written and oral reports for the client organization. The course requires interaction with senior managers in the client organization with anticipation of in-person or virtual visits to the firm.
Course offered every spring.

MGT 5574: Leading and Managing Change
This course challenges students to apply concepts and models of leadership and strategy to timely, real-world issues and problems across business and functional areas in organizations. Using readings, class discussion, field-based leadership projects and peer consulting, the course will emphasize the integrating perspective of the general manager and will explore cross-functional vision, decision-making and execution for leadership effectiveness.
Course offered every fall.

MKT 5570 MBA Capstone-Developing and Maintaining a Customer Centric Organizational Culture
This course begins by providing students a historical view of developing and maintaining a customer centric organizational culture and the impact of same on employees, suppliers, strategic partners and customers. Students are provided practical guidelines and actions and are required to develop an organizational culture plan.
Prerequisites: MSA, MPA, MSF, MSERE, or MSGE program student.
Course offered every summer starting in 2016.

Independent Study

Students are limited to no more than six hours of independent study/internship and no more than three hours of any one practicum, including the small business practicum. Interested students should consult with an advisor in the Bloch School Student Services Office.

Transfer Credit

A maximum of six (6) credit hours of graduate course work completed with distinction at an accredited graduate school and relevant to the individual’s degree program may be accepted toward the MBA You must provide official transcripts to UMKC for this purpose. All transfer credit approval is facilitated by your advisor during your first semester.


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